Minutes-2017, May


CALL TO ORDER:  at 6:30pm at Eagles Nest Coffee House by Ione Timm, Pres.

MEMBERS PRESENT:   15   Guest  Jesse G.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  On Hand: $994.45.  Expenditures: $0.  Deposits: $12.00   Balance as of May 22 is $1006.45 paid members.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Minutes approved as submitted.


Art in Your Heart Challenge:   Reminder that names drawn if you talk about or show your project.

Boutique participation:   10 members indicated they would participate in the boutique.


Discussion held about having a booth at the Wabasha County Fair, which runs from July 18 – 23, to bring awareness about RVAG.  Quilts have been completed by the Material Girls which could be displayed; other members can make things that would be displayed.  Also members are encouraged to enter projects in the fair.


Material Girls: Making quilts; community chest for fabric donations.  Minnesota Quilt Show in June – contact Jan for carpooling, rooms, etc.

Wild Wooly Women:  Jan showed the felted wool quilt that members made; it’s finished except for quilting.  Decided to hang it at various places in the community, possibly the fair.                                      Note: Wooly’s will meet at 12:00 in the future to allow time for working on projects. 

Hookers:  Ione went to a rug hooking camp in Eau Claire, lots of learning!

Punch Needle:  Jan showed rug punching, trying to get a group started.  Gail explained more about how to punch and what yarns to use.  Bev is recuperating from shoulder surgery.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Weaving group still in the works.

Reminder that our next meeting will be June 26.  Ronda Whalen and Kay Weingart  will tell about and demonstrate hand massage.


Rhonda made oriole feeders from vases and dishes glued together and placed on a long pole with orange ribbon to attract orioles.

Nancy died Easter eggs with silk ties and explained how she did it – possible activity for next year?

Judith brought her feed bags sewn and offered them to members.

Pam showed quilt squares using her embroidery machine, and will put the squares together in a quilt.  She also showed jewelry she made – copper and powdered glasses, enameling (millefiori); cloisonne pieces also shown.  She explained the various firings for the procedures.

Donna Richardson showed a picture of a paper mache baseball card box she made for her grandson.

Julie Makoutz showed pyrography (burning a design onto wood or leather).

Jan made a cute dog quilt.

Sally showed a tamari ball (made by wrapping a ball with colored threads to create a design) and an apron.

PROGRAM: Barb Busch and Nancy Zimmerman showed how to wash and block several knitted projects.  Compared blocked vs unblocked pieces.  Types included wet blocking, dry blocking, and cold blocking.

WEB INFO: www.rivervalleyartsguild.org Members Only Section password: RVAG

Minutes respectfully submitted by Sally Bystrom and Sue Eggenberger