Minutes-2016, April

CALL TO ORDER:  at 6:20 p.m. at the Eagles Nest Coffee House by Nancy Z, President
MEMBERS PRESENT:  19.  New members 0;
TREASURER’S REPORT:  On Hand:  $1,354.78.  Expenditures: 0. Deposits:  $60.00.  Balance as of 4/25/16 is $1,414.78.  40 paid members.
SECRETARY’S REPORT:  March 28, 2016 minutes approved as submitted.
We are still in need of programs for June, July, August and October.  Kathy A. suggested a program of painted floor mats for October.  They would also be able to offer a class at another date if there is enough interest.  Jan suggest a program on bowls made from recycled magazines.  Barb is still working on getting the doll making program for June.  A picnic during the summer was also suggested.
From e-mails sent to members Donna R and Carol K indicated that they would be interested in co-chairing the Friday Under the Bridge make & take.  They will choose a date.  It was suggested that we try to work with recycling ideas and would demonstrate projects and then hand out the directions.  We may need a signup sheet for member to volunteer demonstrating a project. The purpose of this project is to promote our group so that people may become interested in joining. It was also mentioned that it may be possible for someone to demonstrate a project such as making rugs for the animal shelter and then we could donate any rugs that we made during the demonstration to the shelter allowing us another community project.  A necklace made from paper that looked like beads was another suggested project.  Donna R showed a paper flower made from pattern pieces.
The new password for our web site will be RVAG.  This will remain the same and not change at the end of the year.
We were notified by the Wabasha-Kellogg Schools that they had two candidates who would qualify for our donation towards a scholarship.  There were 18 applicants and 33 sponsors.  Each applicant would receive $500.00.  We had donated $250.00, so our amount would be combined with another sponsor.  We could not split our donation between the two applicants.  Pam made a motion that we choose one of the candidates tonight because the school needed a decision by 4/26/16.  The first applicant was going to school in Wisconsin for media graphics with a goal of becoming a designer for advertising.  The second applicant was going to school in Michigan for video film with a goal of becoming a cinematographer. The members present voted that our donation should go to the applicant who was going into media graphics.  It was decided that we would like a member to represent our group at the presentation of the scholarship.  Depending on the date of the award program Angela, Pam, Donna and Jan agreed to be one or more of the presenters.
Angela has agreed to chair the Fall Boutique.  Nancy and Barb B. will assist with the bookwork and the training of workers.  It was questioned as to whether we would like to look at the September-October Fest as a possible date change, but it was decided that there was a lot going on and the Boutique might get lost in all the activity.  It was felt that there would be enough room at the Coffee Shop to host the Boutique.
It was suggested that we designate a person to send a Thank You note to our program presenters.  Karen volunteered to send the cards and Jan volunteered to donate cards.
HOOKERS:  No Report
Greg & Judie Sage of Hickory Hills Farm would be shearing sheep this Thursday, Friday and Saturday April 28, 29 & 30 and would have lots of activities going on.  For more information call 715-672-4371.
Reminder that our next meeting will be Monday, May 23, 2016.
Sally B showed a loom woven table runner from cream & sugar yarn, baskets made from wrapped clothes line and a loom woven rug.  Donna show a transfer pillow made from a fabric painted walleye.  Judith finished her Nordic sock from last month and had knitted a summer wrap.  She also showed several different soaps and a bird seed bag which she had made into a carrying bag.
Pat B and Patti E presented their Art in your HeArt Challenge.  A sheet of motifs was handed out to the group along with a set of guidelines.  The challenge is to create an “art” piece by stretching your abilities and doing something you have never done with unfamiliar materials and to “step beyond” your normal work using  materials you may have too much of or collaborate with a friend to learn a new skill using the provided motifs. The Challenge runs from April 25 through September 26.  There will be prizes handed out at the end of the Challenge including a viewer’s choice and a monthly participation award.  It was suggested that we photograph this event as a way to promote RVAG.
WEB INFO:  www.rivervalleyartsguild.org   Members Only Section password is:  RVAG
ADJOURN:   A motion was made by Pam and seconded to adjourn the meeting.