Minutes – 2013, September


Rheta Stears, co-president, called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.
Rheta said that we now have 57 paid members; 14 were present.

Marietta Flanaghan is not “new” but introduced herself as it was her first time. Welcome Marietta.


Expenditures of $62.95 left a remaining balance of $1,923.78.

Irene Schultz made the motion to approve last month’s minutes. Sally Neeb seconded. Motion was approved.

Community Service Project: Rheta talked with Barb T and she has gotten in some shawls and lap robes. More can be used. Please consider contributing something. This is our annual community service project. Everything needs to be turned in by the October meeting. If you’ve already contributed, “THANKS!”

Rheta handed out copies of the updated by-laws which will be voted on in Octonber.

October is the month we elect new officers for the new year. Rheta handed out out copies of the Officer job description, including two new positions that the Board is recommending. Getting our name out into the community was brought up by the membership some time ago. There are many things that we can do to recruit new members, and inspire our current members to attend through advertising, events, and merchandise. Having someone focused on public relations seems like a worthwhile goal and the Board is recommending this new position be approved next month.

Second, RVAG has almost doubled in size from a year ago, and yet we do not see more people in attendance at meetings. The Board would like to embrace our new members through the use of an informational packet that would be given to every new member. The packet would contain information about RVAG, the Mission Statement and By-Laws, contact info for Board members, contact info for each of the subgroups, etc. The Board also recommends adding a Greeter to the board, whose focus would be to greet new members on a one-on-one basis, hand out the information packets, and who would be the “go-to” person for questions a new member might have until they before more familiar with the organization. Assuming this position is approved, we are looking for someone to fill this new position.

There was some discussion as to why the Board is meeting independently and is making these changes. Pat B. explained that the Board has always met periodically in preparation for the monthly meetings. This year’s Board decided to go a step further and spent the time to go back through the minutes for the past two years to see what kinds of suggestions had been made to improve RVAG, and to see which ones we might be able to act upon. Everyone knows that a lot of ideas get brought up at the meetings, but few ever get acted upon. The Board picked these two areas to work on, and of course these recommendations do not become final until they are voted on by the full membership in October. There are many more ideas that have been brought forward that next year’s board may choose to address. This is YOUR organization. PLEASE consider getting involved by running for the Board.

Rheta said that except for the webmaster, all positions were available and asked for volunteers to run for next year’s Board. Barb Busch volunteered to run for Treasurer. Mary Faulkner volunteered to run for Vice President. Rheta said that she would run for President if no one else was interested, but hoped someone would step up.

We still need volunteers for:
Program Director
Marketing-P/R (if approved)
Greeter (if approved)

Please contact any Board member if you are willing to volunteer.

Jan Kasper asked how are we going to spend our money. Sally Neeb brought forward the idea of offering a Scholarship for the Arts. The idea seemed well received, another way to reach out to the community, and a potential new member. This will be added to the list of ideas we have (Patti). A lot of ideas have been presented this past year and we may consider doing an on-line survey to see what the members would like to focus on. Any other suggestions, please contact any Board member.

Last month, Jan Kasper announced that Sally Neeb and Jan will be co-chairs for the Boutique. Sign-up sheet will be ready soon. Will run two shifts similar to the spring boutique. Watch for the sign up sheet.

Pat Boesel said that the new Member’s Only section on the website is set up and that six months of minutes are now posted there. Use the password “rvagonly” to get in. This new area will be developed over time and could contain other resources like the Member Directory, email lists, etc. Check it out when you have time. Last year we spent $18 of the $250 budgeted. This year we have spent $99. Let us know what you think. How can we make it better or you?

Irene Schultz made the motion to adjourn, Evonne Krueger seconded and the motion passed.

SHOW AND TELL (sorry ladies, I got so busy looking, I forgot to type. Please send me your show and tell items and I will update the minutes)

Sandy Alair brought examples of Icons she had painted. Icons are religious paintings that are done over time and in a very private, contemplative state. Paintings can be any size, but are typically done on wood, and will have 24K gold foil leaf embellishment. There are “rules” that govern how an icon should be painted including which colors should be used, use of background art, and even how the artist would (not) sign the piece. This art is based on Greek and/or Russian history. Sandy said that these pieces are generally never sold but given as gifts, or stay in her personal collection. For more information, check out Wikipedia    Photos will be posted to the website soon.

Respectfully submitted by:

Pat Boesel for Patti Emerson co-secretary

9/27/2013 Addition to Minutes
Pat Boesel reported that we do have the technology with the new website to allow members who absolutely cannot be at the October meeting, to vote on-line for Officers and by-law changes. Ideally we need as many people to be at the October meeting as possible, but we do understand that sometimes things come up. Having people vote on-line PRIOR to the meeting would also help us in meeting new proposed Quorum guidelines. We would have to know who the Officer nominees are at the September meeting, or shortly there after, in order to have enough time to build the webpage, allow the vote, and tally the votes prior to the meeting.

9/27/2013 Reminder Members Only Webpage password is rvagonly

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