Members Only – RVAG By-Laws and Mission Statement

River Valley Arts Guild By-Laws, as amended 11/25/2013

  • October will be election of officers. We will vote on a new President, Vice President/Greeter, Treasurer, Secretary, Program Director/Marketing, and webmaster.
  • Dues are $12 annually. If joining after June 30th, dues will be $6 for that remaining year. These amounts will be reviewed each year in October.   Annual dues are to be paid by the January meeting.
  • A quorum will consist of one half of the members (plus one) present at the meeting.
  • Program budget is $50 per program and approval would be needed from the board for any higher costs.
  • The board can approve expenditures up to $200. Anything over that amount would be voted on by the general membership by quorum.


RVAG Goals/Mission Statement

Education : The Guild will work, in conjunction with Wabasha-Kellogg Community Education, to educate ourselves and others in fiber arts and other crafts.

The Guild will be a source of support for persons in their creative endeavors and for sharing of creative ideas.

The Guild’s meetings will be for camaraderie and enjoyment, and

The Guild will, through its creative endeavors provide a service to the Community.

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