Minutes – 2013, November

RVAG MEETING 11/25/13 Notes

Evonne K. called the meeting to order with 18 members present.

Three new, non-present, members, JoAnne Klees, Cheryl Wheeler, Sylvia Klas.

Balance $1880.78 less $200 leaving a 11/15/13 balance of $1680.78
54 paid members

Motion made and passed for approval of October minutes

2014 by-laws were voted on and passed as follows:

October will be election of officers. We will vote on a new President, Vice President/Greeter, Treasurer, Secretary, Program Director/Marketing.

Dues are $12 annually. If joining after June 30th, dues will be $6 for that remaining year. These amounts will be reviewed each year in October. Annual dues are to be paid by the January meeting.

A quorum will consist of one half of the members (plus one) present at the meeting.

Program budget is $50 per program and approval would be needed from the board for any higher costs.

The board can approve expenditures up to $200. Anything over that amount would be voted on by the general membership by quorum.

Jan K. and Sally N. – reported the holiday boutique did well. Approximately $2500 in sales with a $9 shortage. A motion was made and passed that the difference will be paid by participants. Suggestions were made for improvements and they will be consedered by the next boutique committee. Another motion was made and passed to have a Spring Boutique.

RVAG Christmas party will be December 16th at 6:00 p.m.
Bring a “finger food treat” to share.
Bring a $10, home made, gift to exchange.
Wear red, green, and white.
Jan K. will supply coffee.

Rheta S. – robe, garment bag, pants and sweater, and a dress all made by her
Pat B. – rug hooked items and wool she dyed at a recently attended class

Members made Christmas ornaments for Jan and Jim’s tree at the coffee shop

The Woodland Ridge Retreat House in Downsville, WI will have its open house on December 1st.

Pat B. – Dorothy Huse is having another rug hooking class on Tuesdays in February and March. The project will be a “Funky Chicken” and cost will be $45.. Wabasha was allowed four spots and they filled up at last night’s meeting. If you are interested, let Pat B. know and she will pass the information on to see if Dorothy wants to add another class.

RVAG Christmas Party/meeting December 16th

Wishing you all a very nice Thanksgiving!!

Respectully submitted by: Patti Emerson, co-secretary
From: Patti Emerson

Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 1:43 PM


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