Minutes-2015, October


CALL TO ORDER:  at 6:30pm at the Eagles Nest Coffee House by Mary F, President.

MEMBERS PRESENT:  27.  New members:  0.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  On Hand:  $ 1542.17.  Expenditures: 0.  Deposits:  0.  Balance as of 10/26/15 is $1542.17.  60 paid members.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  09/28/2015 minutes approved as submitted.

Kathy Arens reported that 2 cars with 6 members went to the Osage IA sock sale.  Lots of socks were purchases; marled wool socks as low as $3.  Cute shops, Amish lunch, and bakery were some of the stops.

Boutique sale is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Nov 20-22.  Sign up to work, participate, and bring items to sell at the ENCH!!   Printed Instructions showing how to ticket your items and a sample inventory sheet may be picked up at ENCH.   Please come to the back door at 3pm Thursday for set up.  Key and cash box will be in the trusted hands of Nancy Z.   Advertising is being done by Barb B.  Signs are at ENCH to put around town, let Nancy Z know if you can help in any way!

Sunflower class report –   A kit was supplied or you could bring own wool. We rug hooked the center of the flower, used a proddy to attach wool strips for the petals, & put it on a bed spring.  They were so cute!  We had lots of participants!  It was a great social class!  Thanks Pat, Patti, and Nancy!!  There may be a Poinsettia class in Dec??

Next month Beth will be demonstrating making straw flowers.  She is a wheat weaver and makes the paper for her roses.   For a small fee you can make a small bouquet with her.  She will provide the template and supplies.  Please bring sharp scissors if you wish to purchase a kit.

Linda Kuisle ran unopposed as Co-Secretary (with Pam C) and was unanimously elected.
Karen Harris ran unopposed as Treasurer and was unanimously elected.
Barb Busch ran unopposed as Vice President and was unanimously elected.
Nancy Z ran unopposed as President and was unanimously elected.

Material Girls – working on Xmas gift projects.  Remember your Pumpkin block for this month’s meeting.  Group meets the 3rd Thursday of every month at 1 pm at ENCH.

WWW – planning a “Village” wool quilt.  Group meets the 1st Wednesday of every month at 1pm.  Bring a treat to share for the Dec 2nd meeting.  Also bring supplies to make an ornament at the meeting.

Happy Hookers –  Sunflowers.  There was a retreat at Assissi Heights, Rochester.  Group meets every Friday at 11 am at ENCH.

Reminder that our November meeting will be Monday, November 23rd.

December’s meeting will be held on Dec 14th at ENCH at 6 pm.  Bring a small home-made gift to exchange.  Also bring a dish/something to share with others.  This meeting is always lots of fun!!

Nancy Z – Paulette had showed the hookers how to do some fancy flowers and Nancy made a beautiful tote bag using the new techniques…wonderful!

Melody – Showed a needle punched sheep and pumpkin design with such small detailed stiches…gorgeous!

Marilyn –showed a quilt by Haley, her 13 yr. of granddaughter. It won a purple ribbon at the state fair and had 833 pieces!!  Titled “fireworks” and was beautiful!!  She’ll be doing a curved piece quilt next year.  Marilyn has been using 1 ½” strips of long scraps and a “rag tool” to knot and make rugs, bags, totes, etc.  She also made a cute small pouch out of plastic grocery bags with the tool.  This girl is always busy making something!

Barb B – knit what she called an “Elmer Fudd” hat.  It was cute…an orange knit hair hat.

Pam C –showed the sunflower she made at the hooking class.

Yvonne K – Went on the sheep tour.  In Pine Island saw an interesting demo where they laid out sheared sheep wool, spread it w/ice cubes and Kool-Aid to dye it!  Sounds interesting!!

Donna Richardson –Made a t-shirt rug. Maybe she will do a class if asked?  What’s the trick to cut up the t-shirts?

The Wild Wooly Women presented a fabulous show of wool quilts, table toppers, bed covers, penny rugs, etc., etc.…so many beautiful things!! Did you know that wool work can be done on flannel and cotton too?
Jan Hart gave us an interesting history on wool work.  Looking at the different items we learned that it is a very individualist art.  We’ll be putting some new pix on our web site. Thanks ladies for sharing your wonderful talents with the group!

WEB INFO:  www.rivervalleyartsguild.org   Members Only Section password is:  2015buttons
ADJOURN  Motion made and approved by all.
RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED BY:  Pam Christopherson, Secretary

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