Minutes-2015, November

CALL TO ORDER:  at 6:30 pm at the Eagles Nest Coffee House by Nancy Zimmerman, Vice President
MEMBERS PRESENT:  19.  New members 0;
TREASURER’S REPORT:  On Hand:  $1,442.17.  Expenditures: approx. $278.00 from the Boutique Deposits:  0 at this time.  Balance as of 11/23/15 is $1,164.17.  60 paid members. It was suggested that we should try to have the 2016 dues paid by January.
SECRETARY’S REPORT:  10/26/2015 minutes were read and approved as submitted.

Nancy Z. reported on the Boutique.  There were 14 vendors which were down from last year, but we made approximately $2,035 on Friday, $1,393 on Saturday and $508 on Sunday for an approximate total of $3,937 which was higher than last year.  It was felt that the Boutique was very successful.  There was more spent on advertising this year, but a lot of supplies from last year were used.  There was a problem with balancing on Sat and it was suggested that next year we get together before the boutique and go over how to record the sales so that everyone records it the same.  It was also suggested that all the vendors would be asked to work a shift during the weekend. It was questioned as to whether there would be a spring Boutique and it was noted that we did not have one last year, but we did have a summer Boutique along with River Boat Days.  A decision would be made in January or February on the date for the next Boutique.

The officers for the 2016 year were introduced as follows:  Nancy Zimmerman President, Barb Busch Vice President, Linda Kuisle and Pam Christopherson Co-Secretary, Karen Harris Treasurer and Angela Mazaika Web Master.
We need suggestions for monthly programs for next year.  The only program we have at this time is Jolene Timm from Stockholm for February who will be demonstrating rug braiding.  It was suggested that each of the sub groups should plan to take a month and be responsible for a program.  A picnic in the summer was also suggested.
Our meeting next month on December 14 at 6:00 p.m. will be the Christmas Party.  Everyone is to bring a $10.00 – $15.00 home made gift wrapped and an appetizer to pass.
MATERIAL GIRLS:  Irene reported that the group was looking into a pattern that required 6 fat quarters to make quilts that would probably be given as a donation.  They are still in the planning stages.
HOOKERS: no report
Black Friday is a good day to watch for yarn sales.  Donna R will watch for wool garments that come into the Common Closet and will share them with anyone interested.
Reminder that our next meeting will be Monday, December 14, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.  It will be our Christmas Party.  $10.00 – $15.00 wrapped gift and appetizer to pass.
It was suggested that we should have someone take pictures to be posted on the web site and Donna R.  volunteered to be our photographer.
Sally N showed a Snowman on a bed spring that she had purchased. Rita S showed 2 jackets and a dress that she had recently completed.  She also had seen a scarf holder on Pinterest that she had made.  Kay W. showed a landscape quilt square that she had been working on.  Donna R. showed slippers that she was making for her grandchildren for Christmas.  Judith H. showed a knit throw and a scarf made into a sweater using a size 35 needle. She had also made a hairpin that she used as a clasp for the sweater.  Irene S. showed a quilt that she had recently finished that had been hand quilted.
Our program for this month featured Beth Robbins Keller of Lake City.  She is a Straw Artist / Wheat Weaver / Folk Artist, who has been working with straw since 1980 and has traveled nationally and internationally with her work.  Members were given the opportunity to make a rose out of homemade wheat paper.  Beth explained that the paper for the rose is made from leaves, joints and leftovers of the straw that is not used in her wheat weaving projects.  Nothing goes to waste.  The straw is cut into small pieces covered with water in a large kettle, cooked outside for hours and then rinsed.  The cooked straw is processed through a blender and dried on a framed screen for several days.  Templates are traced on to the paper and cut out with results being a truly unique rose.  Beth does offer classes.
WEB INFO:  www.rivervalleyartsguild.org   Members Only Section password is:  2015buttons
ADJOURN:  Motion made and approved.