Minutes – September, 2014

RIVER VALLEY ARTS GUILD   Meeting: September 22, 2014.  Meeting held at Eagles Nest Coffee House

CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by Rheta Stears.


MEMBERSHIP: 16 members present at the meeting.


TREASURER’S REPORT:   On Hand:  $1,867.13 Expenditures:  None

SECRETARY’S REPORT:   Approved August minutes as presented via email and the website.

OLD BUSINESS: Decorah trip:  Gail obtained information about the Vesterheim Museum.  There will be a main tour of the museum and then a tour of the storage unit to show us how to store textile and small objects.  Cost for museum is on your own.  Departing from ENCH at 7 AM on Friday, October 3rd.

Boutique update:   Nancy Z circulated the sign up sheet for items to sell at the boutique and the format for the inventory of the items you have to sell at the boutique.  Set up takes place on Thursday, November 20th (3 or so).  Boutique closes on Sunday with takedown starting at 1 PM.  Bring bags and ribbons to October meeting.  Yvonne K will get ads to papers and HBCI.  Flyers will be made up for distribution.  A sign-up sheet for workers was also passed around.  There will be 3 people working at each shift.

Nominations for officers:

President:  Mary Mackey Faulkner

Vice President  Nancy Zimmerman

Treasurer  Barb  Busch

Secretary  _______________________

Webmaster  Pat Boesel

Program Director:  Various RVAG members.  See format in New Business.


It was moved, seconded (Bart T and Gail S) and passed by the members present that programs for 2015 will be the responsibility of the group.  Members (1 or more) can sign up for a month and they will prepare the program for that month.  It was determined that a program was not needed every month.  Those signing up could present a professional (using our guidelines for expense, etc) to show a new technique or the members could present a new technique.


MATERIAL GIRLS:   Monthly the 3rd Thursday

WILD WOOLIE WOMEN:  Monthly the 1st Wednesday

HOOKERS:  Meets every Friday 11 AM.  Paulette is sponsoring a hook in on October 12, 13, 14.  Get details from Jan K.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Evonne K. had talked to St. Elizabeth’s (Amanda) They have a  Mission Values Week Service Project. They need “comfort kits” that the Emergency Dept. staff gives to family members of patients who are transferred to another facility.  They are asking for pocket-size packs of facial tissues, Lap blankets (maximum size of 48×60) travel toothpaste, quarters for vending machine. Evonne will leave flyers at ENCH or, you can pick up info at the hospital entrance.

Quilt Show at Lake City Public Library.  Fundraiser for the library.  Takes place Friday and Saturday, October 3 and 4 from 10 to 4.  If you would like to have your quilt(s) displayed please bring them to the library between 3 and 5 on Thursday, October 2nd.


Cookie:  pillows (sofa or chair).  Very colorful – Christmas patterns

Nancy Z.:  Finished a rug hooking project for her church pew.  Also showed a pair of socks she has almost finished. 

Carol K:  Strip quilt project.

ONGOING BUSINESS REMINDERS:  Name tags are helpful for all of us.  They may be left at ENCH.

Meetings are the 4th Monday of every month (unless changed due to holidays).  The social time is 6 PM with meeting start time at 6:30.  A program follows the meeting.  Show and Tell starts about 6:15 and then will finish up after the meeting if needed. 

WEB INFO:  Members only password is: rvag2014

ADJOURN:  Move to adjourn by Mary F seconded by Kathy A.

PROGRAM:  Barb T:  Arm knitting.  Barb worked with us on arm knitting.  An enjoyable way to spend a hour or so making a nice scarf to use on these cooler fall days.  Thanks, Barb.

NEXT MEETING October 27, 2014

NOTE:  Board meeting at 1 PM on Monday, October 20, 2014 at ENCH

Respectfully submitted, Carol Krohse




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