Minutes – 2014, May

RIVER VALLEY ARTS GUILD   Meeting: May 19, 2014

CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by Rheta S.


MEMBERSHIP:  14 members present.

VISITORS:  Myra Chicanowski and Mary Klees

TREASURER’s REPORT:   On Hand; $1,992.13.  Income for month $60, expenditures totaled $75.00.  52 paid members.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:   April minutes approved.  Motion by Barb T, seconded by Sue


Boutique and Fiber Art (Quilt) Show:  No report.  Tabled discussion of group projection item to next month.  We are looking for clarification regarding this item from the April meeting.

NEW BUSINESS:  Meeting time remains with social at 6:00.  The change announced will be that show and tell will start at 6:15 with meeting at 6:30.  This is a trial.  It will allow more time for show and tell.  It if is not completed before the meeting time then we can finish up after meeting and before program.  This keeps our program on time.

Bring ideas, concerns or questions to the Board meeting or by contacting one of the officers.

RVAG brochures are in the 2nd drawer of the cabinet at the front of ENCH.

Board is working on logo in conjunction with Chamber of Commerce.


MATERIAL GIRLS:   Lori D indicated no news to report.  Meets 3rd Thursday of the month at ENCH at 1PM

WILD WOOLIE WOMEN:  Patti E.  Members are working on wool appliqué projects.  Meets 1st Wednesday of each month at ENCH at 1 PM

HOOKERS:  Anita S.  Some members attended Shepherd’s Harvest and will be reporting back.  Meets every Friday at ENCH at 11 AM

SHOW AND TELL: (see pictures on website)

Evonne K.:  made placemat of son’s pictures from college graduation.  Attended grandson’s graduation from same school and took pictures similar to son’s.  Will make placemat for him.  Great keepsake for both of them.

Barb T:  made quilt for granddaughter’s graduation gift.  Used a taupe/gray with pastel zig zag.  She backed it with flannel and did her own quilting.  Great job!

Donna R.: Showed picture of card box she made for granddaughter’s graduation.  Used the craft foam in pink and covered a box to look like purse.  Great idea!

Carol K.:  Showed fingerless gloves and scarf she knitted for her family Christmas exchange.  Done is a blue heather.  Cozy and warm!

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Cultural Cloth is in Maiden Rock.  Check out their website. 

ONGOING  BUSINESS REMINDERS:  Name tags are helpful for all of us.  They may be left at ENCH. 

Meeting are the 4th Monday of every month (unless changed due to  holidays).  The social time is 6 PM with meeting start time at 6:30.  A program follows the meeting.

WEB INFO:  Members only password is: rvag2014

ADJOURN:  Move to adjourn by Lori D., seconded by Donna R.

PROGRAM: .Margaret C who owns Banbury Cross presented a program on the history of Merimekko and how she became involved with the fabrics.  Merimeko fabric is modern in design and color.  She developed patterns and made products for Crate and Barrel and other smaller brick and mortar shops using Merimekko fabrics.  She had several examples of her patterns:  a penguin, stick horse, and airplane.  She now focuses on local sales and offers her products at her studio in Bay City, WI.  She is having a sale at her studio on June 7 and 8 from 9 to 4.  She is located at N1020 570 Street, Bay City, WI.

NEXT MEETING June 23, 2014 ENCH.  Social at 6 PM.  Show & Tell 6:15 PM.  Meeting begins at 6:30 PM

NOTE:  Board meeting at 1 PM on Monday, June 16, 2014 at ENCH

Respectfully submitted, Carol Krohse



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