Minutes – 2014, February

RIVER VALLEY ARTS GUILD  — Meeting:  February 24, 2014

 CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by Judie Sage at 6:15 PM

 NEW MEMBERS:  Angela (Angie) Mazaika from Nelson, WI

 TREASURER’s REPORT  Report provided by Jan K.  $1,777.13 balance in treasury.  24 members marked paid with several more payments coming in.  The list will be updated by next month.


Christmas Ornaments:  Feel free to take ornaments if you want them.  Remainder will be put in box for next year’s tree.

 Quilt Rack:  donated to Goodwill

 Rent for Eagles Nest for monthly meetings was declined.  Discussed tabled for future meetings.  Check returned to Treasurer Barb B.


Printer/Copier:  Kathy Arens picked up a printer for RVAG.  Cost was $29 plus tax.  Group agreed to reimburse Kathy for purchase.  Need to add ink and paper to budget.   Barb Tentis will check out and bring thoughts on charges for copies for non-members.  Jan K. will get a jar for the money.

 Spring Boutique:  Do we want a Spring Boutique?  Will you be a vendor?  Need a leader/chair for the event.  When:  April or May??? 

Fiber Arts Show:  Could be July?    Who can lead? 

 Look for an email to come first week of March.  It will direct you to the website where you can vote yes or no and provide input

 Suggestion:  Lori D. suggested that we meet the next available time if we are cancelled due to weather.  Seems to long between meetings.  No action taken.


Barb T:  Arm Knitting.  Will have demo later on regarding this technique.

Angie:  Mitten she made.

Bev Hanks:  Flannel shirt she made for hubbie.

 ADJOURN:  Pattie E moved, Lori D. 2nd.

 PROGRAM:  Judie Sage lead program.  Placemats were made using cards (Christmas, etc.) and clear contact paper. 

 NEXT MEETING:  March 24, 2014 ENCH

 Respectfully submitted,  Jan Kasper and Carol Krohse



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