Archive–Spring Boutique/Fibert Arts Show SURVEY RESULTS

Spring Boutique/Fiber Art Show Survey Results
Should RVAG hold a spring boutique sale?            13 yes, 11 no
If there is a sale, which Month should the sale be held?          11 votes for May, 0 votes for  April, 11 votes for N/A
Will you be a Vendor?            14   No ,  5 Undecided, 3 Yes, 2 N/A
Will you volunteer to Lead/Chair the Boutique?               20 No, 2 N/A, 1 Yes
Should RVAG have a Fiber Arts Show this year?                 13 Yes, 11 No
Will you Chair the Fiber Arts Show?               17 No, 5 N/A,  1 Co-chair with someone else
If there is a Fiber Arts Show, should it be One Day or Two –9 N/A, 7 Either one or two, 5 Two Days, 3 One day
Will you set up the show? 11 Yes, 6 Maybe, 4 No, 3 N/A
Comments for Leadership
I think one boutique a year is plenty considering the time it takes us to make our crafts.
I am assuming by fiber arts show you mean the fiber arts and quilt show we have had in the past? I would like to see us do something different. It was suggested we decorate downtown windows during Septoberfest. Or, we could have a one day sign-up, retreat; conducting demos, classes, etc. scheduled throughout the day including a lunch.
I would be glad to help set up depending on the dates and if I have other community commitments on that date.
I think a fall or closer to Christmas would be more successful for sales. It would be time for members to build their inventory to sell. I also would volunteer some time to help sell if I know in advance.
The fiber arts show is during Riverboat Days and the hottest days of the summer (I believe I am talking about the right show). Perhaps a better time would be in the fall during SeptOberfest?
Fiber Arts Show but not on the scale of the previous quilt show. Not sure the format but maybe displays and hands on of different fiber arts.
Something like our open house but on a larger scale.
the fall boutique is enough
Hi There, Quick? questions/comment for you.
How many years have you had a spring boutique, how many years for the fiber
arts show, and how many years for the fall boutique? and how many days
/times have each event been?
Have they been at the same time of year each year (ie: 3rd wknd of…)?
Which one would you say has the most group participation, most
attendance/most popular, most sales.
From a newcomers perspective, continuity plays a very large part in the
success of an event.
If all three events have been held regularly and with good+ attendance and
participation, dates should be set well in advance and the event held. If
not so good attendance and participation, maybe refocus on the one (or two)
that are the best and redirect energy into making those events spectacular+.
Thanks a bunch for having the online survey. I hope you get responses from
all of the members.

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