Archive – 2016 Create the Art in Your Heart Challenge

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Motifs Available for Reference:

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RVAG Summer Camp Challenge – Dance to the art in your heart!

What is a “Challenge”:

-Stretch your abilities by doing something you have never done before.
-Try alternative, unfamiliar materials.
-Use your imagination to go a ‘step beyond’ your normal work.
-Use up something you have too much of (de-stash).
-Collaborate with a friend to learn a new skill or perfect an old one.

Rules (because everyone like them):

-Challenge runs from April 25 through September 26.
-Create an “art” piece using motifs provided.
-May use multiple motifs.
-May re-size your motif.
-May use one motif multiple times.
-May use a section or part of the motif.
-May add geometric shapes or line.
-Use any medium. For example: quilting, stained glass, embroidery, wool work, wood carving, sculpture/pottery, knit/crochet, jewelry/beading, painting/coloring, needle felting, etc.

Did we mention Prizes? Yes! Prizes will be awarded based on participation (share your progress at monthly meetings and you get to put your name in the drawing bucket) random drawing, and viewers choice vote.

Let Yourself Go! Create Something From YOUR Heart!!!