ARCHIVE – 2016 Show & Tell

RVAG members are talented and creative people.  We love to share our works in progress and finished projects during Show & Tell at the monthly meetings.

April 2016

Sally B's Woven Table Runner

Sally B’s Woven Table Runner

Kay W's Landscape Quilted Picture

Kay W’s Landscape Quilted Picture


Donna's Walleye Printed Pillow

Donna’s Walleye Printed Pillow

Judith's Bird Seed Bag

Judith’s Bird Seed Bag







Nancy's Grandaughter's T-Shirt Quilt

Nancy’s Granddaughter’s T-Shirt Quilt

Examples from the Rug Braiding Class

Examples from the Rug Braiding Class

Rhonda's Decorated Gourds

Rhonda’s Decorated Gourds







March 2016

Barb's Mosaic Knitting & Kitty Cowls

Barb’s Mosaic Knitting & Kitty Cowls

Judith's Handmade Soap

Judith’s Handmade Soap

Judith's Fair Isle Knitting

Judith’s Fair Isle Knitting









Irene's Quilt

Irene’s Quilt

Irene's Quilt

Irene’s Quilt

Sue's Hooked Seat

Sue’s Hooked Seat







February 2016

Nancy's Crochet Hat

Nancy’s Crochet Hat

Nancy's Projects

Nancy’s Projects

Pat's Snowman

Pat’s Snowman

Pat's Wool Rug Hooking Projects

Pat’s Wool Rug Hooking Projects

Java Jan's Punch Needle

Java Jan’s Punch Needle

Barb's Knit Cowl

Barb’s Knit Cowl

Feb Door Prize Winner - Guest - Laura

Feb Door Prize Winner – Guest – Laura